Packages for Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck Packages at Reiki Montreal

When you’re stuck, it’s important to allow some time for the body to talk and let things come to consciousness. That’s why all the sessions in these packages are Premium sessions.

That is to say that we include Reiki, but also meditation, visualization and mindful mind-body conversations as is appropriate. These are all 1.5hours.

The packages are: 1 Session, 3 sessions, 5 sessions, 8 sessions or 12 sessions.

Before you make a commitment, you can book an introductory 30 minute discovery session with me – it’s on the phone. Then, you can book a first session. If at the end of the session you decide to move forward with a package – great. The first session will be included in the price. If you decide not to, no problem. You pay for the one session.

What I offer:

Option 1: You’re Stuck On a Decision?

I like to remember the root of the word “decision” -> Cut off (Kill) all other options. Sounds kind of violent, but it does make it pretty clear doesn’t it? Need help doing that?

1 Session is often enough to get really clear on what the body wants. Then comes the hard part of acting on it.

If after having made a decision you get stuck in a pattern of procrastination with it, look at the next option.

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Option 2: You’re Stuck in an Emotion You can’t Shift or Struggling with procrastination?

Every emotion contains the energy you need to face your situation.
Emotions are there for a reason & sometimes, they get stuck. You’re in that situation now and your body has exactly what you need to get unstuck. Listening to what the emotion wants from you, in a gentle compassionate way, most often dissolves it and helps you be more responsive and flexible in your life. We all need doing this from time to time. Once you listen, your flow will be restored.

We all struggle with procrastination. The key to grasp is that it usually has a function for us. One or several parts of us are keeping us in that pattern. Listening to the body and to that part of you that is afraid to act is instrumental in getting you out of that pattern. This might be a simple fear, or a deep rooted energy blockage that needs some extra investigation.
Needless to say, after having relaxed the body, you must take small actions to get the momentum going & That’s on you. That’s where the flow returns.

This is for you if you’ve been stuck no longer than a month in this state. More than this refer to “Option 4: Stuck in a rut”.

1 or 3 Weekly Sessions. (It is a good idea to start with one session. If at the end of the session, we feel more are needed, you can purchase the 3 session package and save $50)

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Option 3: You’re Stuck in the Past about a situation or a relationship

Not for you if: you JUST broke up or just lost your job and are in the thick of it and are processing all the stuff that’s coming up as a result of it. If this is your case, allow yourself some time. If you really want reiki, no problem, we will start with one session.

For you if: it’s been a while now and you’re ready to move on from this event/situation/relationship, but just seem to cling to it. You want to move forward but somehow can’t. Letting go is necessary. I can help you do that. There are most likely a few blocks remaining that are keeping you stuck. The body will be our guide in releasing those blocks.

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Option 4: You’re Stuck in a Rut (with a touch of anxiety or depression?)

For you if: you’re stuck in a job you dislike, a relationship you dislike, nothing’s getting better and you’re actually a little depressed or anxious about it all.

There is a way out and it’s usually the way in. We will balance your energy system and help you uncover what’s keeping you stuck.

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Option 5: “Nothing is working, I’m not myself anymore, I used to be different and I need to be her again”

For you if: you’ve been to a psychologist, you’ve tried medication, you’re trying everything but nothing is working to make you feel better. You remember the way you used to be and you want to be like that again – spontaneous, fun, relaxed. In 3 months time we will allow your body to do the work of getting you back to who you are. This means processing emotion. This means learning to build a new relationship with yourself. This means serious self work. It means homework every week.

This is not for you if you are unwilling to do the work.

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… Not Sure?

No problem. Maybe you’re not stuck at all and are simply curious and want to grow? Go the spiritual growth category.

Maybe you’re struggling with a chronic illness? Visit the Complementary Health for Chronic Illlness category.

Still not sure? Great! I’ve got you covered with a 30-minute discovery session. We’ll chat about what’s going on for you and see if I can help you.


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Some Words From Women Who Were In Your Situation:


” I went to see Inge because of a stagnancy in my life – I was feeling stuck. This was my first experience with Reiki + Focusing and I absolutely loved it! For starters Inge provides a safe, non-judgemental space to do the healing work. She has a vibrant, loving and accepting presence. The Reiki & Focusing work was a great experience during which I could actually feel energy shifts and movements. I always felt really relaxed afterwards and had some of the best sleeps! Things have also started to move in my life since the sessions and in some surprising ways.”

“Inge is great to work with. She has an authentic positive vibe and her environment makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. After every session I felt a significant change in energy that impacted my life tremendously. She provides tools to contribute to your energy in daily life outside of reiki sessions. Inge is very inspiring and I look forward to future sessions with her.” – Andrea

” I was at a place in my life where I was feeling very overwhelmed. It felt like I had a lot of information about happiness and wellbeing…but why was I feeling so stressed and tired?

I felt blocked and worried; trapped in this cycle. So I researched and decided to try something new: REIKI. Even though I had no clue how it was supposed to work!

But meeting Inge has been an incredible journey! And with every session we made space for peace and joy to come back into my life. The whole process has been an amazing experience, revealing things about myself, that gave me now a new set of “tools” to transform myself and live my life.

The process was loving, gentle and very human. With Inge always making me feel safe and at ease to express myself. Always very giving of loving. I feel very grateful for this experience. It has clearly transformed me and gave me the alignment and “fresh air” that I needed.

Feeling now stronger, grounded and happier!
Thank you so much Inge! with all my heart.”

– Magdalena Lobo

What Happens If This Isn’t For Me After All? [Refund Policy & Guarantee]

Because this can sometimes be uncomfortable – things come up and can be hard to handle… and you might have the urge to sweep things under the rug… I’m going to ask you STICK with the process. If we’re doing this right, there are times where you’re not going to like this process (or me for that matter).
That’s why I don’t offer a money back guarantee. Once you’re in, you’re in.

I do guarantee, however, that I will stay with you in the session until you are feeling strong enough to face the world. I will NEVER stop the session if you’re in dire straits.

I will do my absolute best to support you. I will offer 30 minute (free) coaching sessions in between in-person sessions if that is necessary as well.

I’m not saying this to scare you, but strong reactions CAN happen and if they do, I’m here. All in with you. 🙂

The packages must be used up in the period of 1 year – after which I cannot guarantee your sessions.

If you, for one reason or another, are hospitalized, move away or must discontinue the sessions for a reason you cannot be physically present, the remainder of the package will be refunded.
(This will be calculated as Price of Package – (Sessions Used * Regular Price) = Refund)

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