Payment Information

payment info

Payment Information

Pay as You Go OR Packages

You can buy one session at a time or you can purchase packages! It’s up to you. Packages are a lot more advantageous to the budget.

Full Payments Required for Packages Under $400

I ask for a one-time payment. You can get started right this second by scheduling (and paying for) your appointments directly online now by heading over here. <- This is the best option.

Or, you can pay for your package in person with a check, credit card or cash.

Payment Plans Available For Packages Over $400.

Because I know it can be difficult coming up with a lot of cash up front, I have made it possible to accept payment plans.

The payment plan can be customized to suit you, however these rules will apply:

  • The first payment must always be a minimum of $200.
  • The last payment must always be completed 2 weeks before the end of our sessions.
  • I offer anywhere between 2 to 5 payments, depending on the package.

We can set up this payment plan together on the phone or at the end of your first session. This way, if you were unsure about committing to a package, you could do a first session, pay for its regular price ($160) and set up a payment plan at that time and we will deduct the amount you’ve paid cash from your payment plan.

Refund Policy & Guarantee

Because this can sometimes be uncomfortable – things come up and can be hard to handle… and you might have the urge to sweep things under the rug… I’m going to ask you STICK with the process. If we’re doing this right, there are times where you’re not going to like this process (or me for that matter).
That’s why I don’t offer a money back guarantee. Once you’re in, you’re in.

I do guarantee, however, that I will stay with you in the session until you are feeling strong enough to face the world. I will NEVER stop the session if you’re in dire straits.

I will do my absolute best to support you. I will offer 30 minute (free) coaching sessions in between in-person sessions if that is necessary as well.

I’m not saying this to scare you, but strong reactions CAN happen and if they do, I’m here. All in with you. 🙂

The packages must be used up in the period of 1 year – after which I cannot guarantee your sessions.

If you, for one reason or another, are hospitalized, move away or must discontinue the sessions for a reason you cannot be physically present, the remainder of the package will be refunded.
(This will be calculated as Price of Package – (Sessions Used * Regular Price) = Refund)

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