Reconnection Mini Course: The 5 Attitudes That Change Everything

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Welcome to part one of the three-part video course on how to reconnect with yourself when you feel stuck.

I’m thrilled you’re here. Thrilled I tell you! I’m so inspired by people who are taking their life into their own hands and make the commitment to connecting with themselves. Hence: I’m so inspired by you!!!

This is for you if you have been feeling blocked, off, disconnected, dissatisfied, numb, … and are committed to feeling like YOU again.

The videos here will teach you how to (and guide you) to extend a loving ear and a loving hand to yourself.

Today’s is all about the 5 attitudes that, when applied, have the power to change everything.

Here’s what you do:

(1) Watch the video!
(2) Tell us which attitude you struggle most with in the comments below!
(3) Stay tuned for video 2 tomorrow! It’s a really good one. You’ll shift some stuff for yourself!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail at! I’d love to hear from you.


Video 1:
The 5 attitudes that change everything

Comment Below: What one attitude could you boost in your life?




Inge Broer is not a psychologist nor a doctor. If you feel you need psychological or medical help, please consult accordingly. All work done with Inge Broer is in the interest of supporting your wellness, your personal growth and your spirituality. In this optic, you are never seen as “broken” or needing “fixing”.




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  1. Patience!!!! It feels like no matter how hard and how long I work on myself, I’m still stuck!!! I keep telling myself “ get on with it already!! “ hence the realization that I’m not too caring with myself either! Ugh!! 😉

  2. Care is definetely what I have to work on. Need to show more compassion for myself. That’s why I am here …trying to get my heaf out of water.

  3. Care is definetely what I have to work ok. Need to show more compassion for myself. That’s why I am here …

  4. Hello thanks for the warm welcome and inspiration. I think struggle with all the attitudes but I think the hardest one is caring for me too.. I mean like I’m suicidal so yeah caring about myself isn’t my strong point :L

  5. Hello Inge,

    Mine is definitely Openness… 🙁 I tend to be judgemental at times in my work environment and it is probably preventing me from listening properly.

  6. Patience is really a rough one for me… It seems I can’t see results or effects of what I am doing fast enough.

  7. I think I could be more Curious instead of judgemental at times,.. and I also really need to work on Patience!
    But I want to improve all five of them 🙂
    <3 Thank you Inge!

  8. Patience. With myself, others and in regards to having faith in the journey rather than the result.

  9. Looking forward to seeing your comments!
    As we can see: When it comes to myself, I always find “caring” a bit of a challenge and I’m not all that great with “patience” either ;). Working on it!