Reiki – A Hands-On Energy Technique

Reiki is a hands-on energy technique

For those of you who know absolutely nothing about reiki, let’s break that sentence down. “Rei ki” actually means “universal energy”. This refers to the free-floating energy present in the universe, rather than the therapist’s energy. When reiki was developed, a common problem was the fatigue therapists felt because they transferred their own energy in order to heal others.

Reiki is hands-on

Reiki Montreal - hands-on

The therapist uses his/her hands to transfer the energy. Although each therapist develops their own style, reiki is often transmitted to the client by a positioning of the hands about 2-3 inches from the body. The therapist transfers energy to different energy centers in the body. Most often, the client is lying on a massage table. That being said, it is entirely possible to receive reiki seated or even at a distance from the therapist.

There are several energy techniques

Others energy techniques include: yoga, acupuncture/acupressure, reflexology, cranio-sacral therapy, chakra balancing, crystal healing, Bach flower remedies and homeopathy. Within these therapies, and within Reiki especially, there is a belief that energy will move within the person as it needs to. The client may experience this as slight pain, shivers, waves of energy, emotional reactions or even as fatigue. When this happens, energy is moving through places where normally the energy is stagnating. Although these do occur, ultimately the most common reaction to a Reiki treatment is deep relaxation.

The effects of reiki

Reiki works with energy. Energy moves as it needs to and affects the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Therefore, after a Reiki session, anything can happen. Here are just a few examples of what balancing energy through reiki can achieve:

  • Restore faith (whether in yourself, your relationships, life, the universe or God).
  • Clear mental fog.
  • Restore digestion.
  • Help find and express your truths.
  • Connect you to love, acceptance and compassion.
  • Diminish Stress.
  • Help stand up for yourself.
  • Restore a connection with your emotions.
  • Clear difficulties with food (overeating or undereating).
  • Release pain.
  • Ease tensions.
  • Become more at ease in social situations.

However, it is important to know sending energy is a form of sending awareness. Often healing occurs as a result of awareness. It has its own logic and sometimes that means that it judges that you need to experience pain a little longer. Furthermore, sometimes the energy clears something noxious for you. This will manifest itself as a physical clearing out. It may be a pimple, a bit of nausea or a bowl movement. These are what we call “healing crises”. They never last longer than a few hours.

The best way to find out what Reiki can do for you is to come and try out Reiki today. Every session is different. Benefits can be endless!

Insurance receipts available for Reiki services through the A.Q.T.N.

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