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Reiki Sessions HeaderThe Benefits of a Reiki Session

(Currently Only Available Online)

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Reiki relieves stress in a deep way.

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Reiki reconnects you to your inner wisdom & knowing.

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Reiki releases energy blocks

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Reiki balances your chakras

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Reiki facilitates adopting a spiritual & holistic perspective to the issues you’re experiencing.

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Reiki brings healing on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels.

… and so much more. After a session, people tell me they have less pain or that they “feel lighter !” or I often hear: “I’m so much calmer and less anxious!”. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what happens, but Reiki always connects you with your next healing step.

How to know Reiki is for you

You know. Your intuition is a powerful thing.
If you’re attracted to Reiki, it’s for you.
Click this link to get scheduled. 

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(Currently Only Available Online)

The Details


Both in Nun’s Island and online. Bus 168 from Square Victoria or Bus 12 from De l’Église metro. Full address provided upon booking.


Booking times are flexible. Typically, I see clients on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays.

How Much?

A first Reiki session is 75-minutes and $125. Follow up sessions are $95. I provide insurance receipts for naturotherapy, so check if you’re covered!

What happens in a session?

We’ll start by taking a snapshot of how you’re doing in the moment. Then, we proceed to the massage table & get started with the Reiki. You’re lying down, fully clothed, receiving spiritual universal energy. After about 50 minutes, we stop Reiki and discuss after care and exchange experiences. Your questions are welcomed. This can be done at a distance, over the phone, or in person.

How do I book?

The fastest way is to book online here. The system will take you through a series of questions and you’ll be able to schedule and pay for your first session. If you have questions or want to check that I’m right for you, call me at 514-360-3387 or e-mail me at I can answer your questions and you can book right away (or not, as you wish!).

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What are your covid policies?

At this time all sessions are held online. Reiki is easily sent through time and space, so that we’re not in a room together doesn’t impede the energy work.  

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Hi, I’m Inge, your Reiki guide.

Inge PictureReiki has been a revelation for me. I started out with massive resistance (My “science-mind” wouldn’t let me believe a word…), but the open & curious part of me kept experimenting. The open part won. I kept being blown away by the results:

People experiencing a drastic decrease in anxiety, depressions lifting, old habits disappearing, pains dissipating and massive shifts in their point of attraction (with some pretty awesome manifestations). I know that every time I receive, welcome & powerful healing shifts happen every time (even if they’re not always pleasant).

For me, Reiki has been a journey into trust and intuition and I’m positively giddy to share this gentle, but powerful healing modality with whomever feels guided to try it.

Want to learn more about me? Check out my professional journey here (I have a masters in neuropsychology!) and every thing else (My journey, what it’s like working with me, etc.) here.

What My Clients Say About Reiki:

“Inge was able to connect to my energy almost instantaneously. Throughout the session, I felt her moving from chakra to chakra, connecting all the pieces. I left the session feeling whole, at one with my body. All in all, a very good experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Inge for any first-timers (like I was). She is very explanatory and accommodating, and the vibe in the space is very soothing!”  –   Noemi Stern

Inge is great to work with. She has an authentic positive vibe and her environment makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. After every session I felt a significant change in energy that impacted my life tremendously. She provides tools to contribute to your energy in daily life outside of reiki sessions   –    Andrea

inge-avatar.jpg“I had a amazing and revealing session with Inge. Her reading relieved many of my anxieties and the entire experience was calming, revelatory, and incredibly helpful. I am much more in touch with myself and aware of my body and emotions after the session, and hope to have more.     –     David S

Not Sure?

I want to lovingly call you out on something. Have you read the WHOLE internet about Reiki? You know everything it can do, you’ve seen this spirit science video, you’re itching to try it, but… something’s holding you back?

The money?
If you have insurance, check if you’re covered for naturotherapy. If you want to invest in yourself with several sessions, I offer packages that severely reduce the price of each session. 
Not sure if Reiki can work for your particular situation?
No problem. Let’s book a time to talk about it! You can tell me what’s happening for you, and we’ll figure it out together! If I don’t think it’s the right fit, I’ll let you know.

Let’s Talk!

Not sure which service is right for you?
No problem. Let’s book a time to talk about it! You can tell me what’s happening for you, and we’ll figure it out together!

Let’s Talk!

Not sure how many sessions you’ll need? You don’t need to. It’s likely that if you’re recovering from a chronic disease or feel very stuck, you’ll need more than one session. We’ll discuss that on the phone or at the end of your first session.
Finding it difficult to invest in yourself?
Hear me on this: You are worth it.

The times on the web don’t work for you?
Give me a call: 514-360-3387.

You’re not feeling me?
Don’t book with me! It’s important that you feel trust with your reiki therapist. There are a number of amazing reiki practitioners in the Montreal area. I’m happy to recommend some if you e-mail me.

Worried about how you’ll react?
90% of the time, people feel extremely relaxed. The other 10%, emotions or sensations may come up. I’m fully there for you. We’ll never finish the session before you’re ready. That’s a guarantee.
You’re just not ready?
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Stay in touch!

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