Reiki + Mindfulness 90-min Sessions

Mindfulness + Reiki Top ImageIf you feel stuck, blocked or off, this is for you.

These 90 min sessions are specifically designed to get you into your body and releasing what’s stuck. Together, we’ll use meditation, energy healing exercises & reiki to get you unblocked and reconnecting to your best self.

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The Benefits of a Reiki + Mindfulness Session

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You unwind the conditioning that’s holding you back from your true essence. .

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You gain clarity about your blockages and learn to release them yourself. 

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You develop a more gentle, loving relationship with yourself you can benefit from for the rest of your life.

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You adopt an empowering spiritual & holistic viewpoint of your situation.

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You reconnect to the wild & beautiful & vibrant & radiant self that you are.

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You let go of the energy patterns that are no longer working for you.

…and this is just for the first part of the session! You will also benefit from Reiki: You balance your chakras, relax deeply, heal on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels.

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Hi, I’m Inge

and I’d love to accompany you on your journey. If right now, you’re feeling disconnected, disenchanted, disempowered, I feel you. I want you to know that everything you’re looking for is right there inside you. The peace, the tranquility, the clarity, but also the electric, radiant empowerment you know you are underneath all of it. Together, we can access that. It’s not always easy. There’s a lot of conditioning that’s in the way at the moment. It manifests as tension, pain, emotion… and it’s all trying to tell you something. By gently & kindly listening to the discomfort, the path to peace emerges. Your body is incredible at healing itself. Our work together will be mostly to get your mind out of the way so that the body can do its natural magic. Who am I to accompany you on this journey? Let’s just say that one of my superpowers is “gentle listening”. I have a knack for making people feel comfortable and to lead them into their own experience. I also have had professional training in Energy Medicine (as well as in neuropsychology, but that’s a different story! read about my professional competencies here) and a whole lot of personal training with the processes we’ll use together. Learn more about me here. 

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What My Clients Say

“In only 4 sessions I was able to reconnect with myself and life. I rediscovered a new sense of hope and optimism.”
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“Impacted my life tremendously”
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“Meeting Inge has been an incredible journey! And with every session we made space for peace and joy to come back into my life. The whole process has been an amazing experience, revealing things about myself, that gave me now a new set of “tools” to transform myself and live my life.”
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The Details


Offered online or in person in Nun’s Island, a 10-min drive from downtown.  Full address provided upon booking.


Typically, I see clients on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. I am flexible, however. Whatever your schedule, we’ll work something out.

How Much?

A single 90-min session is $155 tax incl. For deeper healing, packages are available.

The Intro Package: 3 sessions give you an introduction to the work. $425 tax incl. (Savings of $40)
The Reconnection Program: 5 sessions provide a powerful framework to reconnect to your true self & let go of blocks.  $675 tax incl. Can be made in two payments. (Savings of $100)

Individual healing programs can be also tailored to you. Set up a phone call to discuss.

Insurance receipts for naturotherapy are available.

What are your covid policies?

At this time all sessions are held online. Reiki is easily sent through time and space, so that we’re not in a room together doesn’t impede the energy work.  

Will one session be enough? 

My clients frequently find relief with a first session. To get to the root of what’s causing your difficulties and to restore you to a sustainable place of flow & joy, we need multiple sessions. At the end of our first session, we can create a customized healing plan. To facilitate things financially, packages are at reduced rates for multiple sessions. (savings of minimum $30). 3 for $425, 5 for $675. These prices include taxes.

What happens in a session?

A typical 90-min session goes as follows: We start the session with a quick chat about how you are. Then, we ease into the Mindful self-inquiry process. You will get in touch with your body, feeling into the places of stuckness, creating a gentle, loving environment for those places to share their message with you. Inner peace emerges through awareness & acceptance. The stuck energies move through your energy system and out. We then transition to Reiki-work. We shower your body with gentle, loving energy, continuing the energy clearing work. You relax. You let go. You transform. At the end, we exchange about your energy, what your take-aways are, schedule your next session & organize a package for you if that’s appropriate.

How do I book?

Button Click HereThe system will take you through a series of questions and you’ll be able to schedule and pay for your first session. If you feel you’ll need multiple sessions, simply book the first and we’ll handle the rest in person. If this doesn’t work for you, call me at 514-360-3387 or e-mail me at I can answer your questions and you can book right away (or not, as you wish!)

Disclaimer + Guarantee

I am neither a doctor or a psychologist. I cannot diagnose or prescribe. What I can do is offer support & a spiritual expertise. I do not see you as “broken”, nor is there anything to “fix”. Your body-mind is perfect already and we will simply support it to find the healing & balance it is seeking.

It also happens with this work that emotions or sensations come up. They can be uncomfortable. I ask that once you commit to your healing program, you commit. There will be no money back. However, I do guarantee that we will never end a session with you in distress. We will keep working until you find a place of “OKness”.
If necessary, I can also offer 30-min conversations in between sessions.

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Time to Decide

Now that you’ve read about how I can help you, make an assessment.
How much is it costing you to stay stuck right now? What is this stuckness costing you financially? in your relationships? in your health? Can you afford to stay stuck?
What’s holding you back on this decision?

The money?

If you have insurance, you might be covered! If you want to invest in yourself with several sessions, I offer packages that reduce the price of each session (at least $10 off per session).

Not sure if this process can work for your particular situation?
No problem. Let’s book a time to talk about it! You can tell me what’s happening for you, and we’ll figure it out together! If I don’t think it’s the right fit, I’ll let you know.

Let’s Talk!

OR give the mini course on Reconnection a try!

Not sure if you’re better off with just Reiki?
No problem. Let’s book a time to talk about it! You can tell me what’s happening for you, and we’ll figure it out together!

Let’s Talk!

Not sure how many sessions you’ll need? You don’t need to. It’s likely that if you feel very stuck, you’ll need more than one session. We’ll discuss that on the phone or at the end of your first session. 
Finding it difficult to invest in yourself?
Hear me on this: You are worth it.

The times on the web don’t work for you?
Give me a call: 514-360-3387.

You’re not feeling me?
Don’t book with me! It’s important that you feel trust with your reiki therapist. There are a number of amazing therapists in the Montreal area. I’m happy to recommend some if you e-mail me.

Worried about how you’ll react?
With this work, there is the risk of having a “healing crisis” (essentially, your body clearing old stuff really quickly. It lasts under 4 hours, but after you feel amazing). I’m there for you. You can always call or e-mail!
You’re just not ready?
Want to try this work on your own first?

Give the mini course on Reconnection a try!

Stay in touch!

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