Thank you for signing up!

Thank you for signing up for the latest on energy medicine and the mind-body connection!

I really want to thank you for that. When you personally take responsibility for your health, for your growth, and for your spirituality, we are also collectively healing, growing and becoming more in touch with its spirituality. Thank you for doing your part. I’m deeply touched by that. The world is better for it.

The newsletter is bi-weekly and talks about spirituality, health, the mind-body connection and whatever else happens to be REALLY interesting to me at that time.

With this newsletter, my aim is to support you in your personal growth & your healing journey by making accessible EVERYTHING I have that might serve that purpose.

This will most likely always include:

  • a little lesson from my two weeks
  • a little action challenge.

(Remember: the more people take action to better themselves, the more the world betters itself!)

And when it’s appropriate, I’ll also keep you updated on:

  • any ressources I’ve created
  • any events I think you might be into
  • anything new in my practice that I feel you’d benefit from.

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