The Mini Reconnection Course

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Welcome to this three-part video course on how to reconnect with yourself when you feel stuck.

This is for you if you have been feeling blocked, off, disconnected, dissatisfied, numb, … and are committed to feeling like YOU again.

Do the videos here at your own pace, whether that’s all at once or slowly & gently. Be sure to bookmark this page! You’ll want to do it again and again. Just a note: this process can be amazing to do on your own, but if you have someone holding space for it can be even more powerful. If you want to work with me, you can schedule your discovery call here.

Video 1:
The 5 attitudes that change everything

Comment Below: What one attitude could you boost in your life?

Video 2:
The process that gets you unstuck

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Video 3:
Why this works

Book your free 30-min discovery call with me. I can guide you through the process and we can discuss our next steps together (if any. There’s never any pressure.)

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What’s Next

Did this process work for you? Did you gain some clarity? acceptance? relaxation? It often does. BUT if it doesn’t, don’t worry. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with you or that this can’t work for you. This can be difficult to do on our own (for me too!).

I’d love to see you connecting with yourself again and living in flow & joy rather than in this place of stuckness & blocked energy.

I’d love to help you be more caring, patient, receptive, accepting & open with yourself.

Schedule a call to see what we can do together?

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Inge Broer is not a psychologist nor a doctor. If you feel you need psychological or medical help, please consult accordingly. All work done with Inge Broer is in the interest of supporting your wellness, your personal growth and your spirituality. In this optic, you are never seen as “broken” or needing “fixing”.




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