Visualization – Try One Now!

Glad you’re curious about visualization! It is one of Reiki Montreal’s favorite tools to work with. Not only is it effective, but it usually feels great too.

See for yourself…Try this visualization…

While you’re reading this… just take a moment to notice your breath… quietly notice whether your breathing is shallow or deep… fast or slow… observe where it goes in your body… does it go into your nostrils only? to your throat? to your chest? or deeper? to your belly? all the way down to your toes? remember that you are an entire human being sitting in front of your computer right now… notice your shoulders… release some tension there…notice your arms…your chest…your back… your weight on the chair…your legs…your feet…

Now, imagine that you find yourself in a big, spacious room… you feel free there. The air is warm and welcoming and cozy… After a minute, you notice that there’s a white light at some distance from you… you feel curious… and you sense that this light wants your well-being… as it approaches you feel this well-being feeling stronger and stronger, you feel more and more relaxed and happy as the light approaches… you feel this light knows you… it knows you deeply and accepts you entirely as you are… you stay with this feeling for a moment…maybe it’s bringing up an emotion for you… and it’s OK, the light is telling you everything’s OK… you allow the light to envelop you loosely… you feel your heart relaxing as the acceptance envelops you…

Stay with this sensation as long as you want… basking in pure love and acceptance… in relaxation…in the deep knowing that everything is already perfect… and when you’re ready… you allow the light to enter you completely… allowing acceptance to become a part of you… then… take a few moments and come back to your body, the sensations on your chair… make any adjustments you need… stretch your body… and come back to your normal state of consciousness… There’s a screen infront of you and you’re reading about Visualization on the Website of Reiki Montreal…

How was that experience just now? If you read and did the experience you probably feel a complete shift from what you were feeling before reading it. I’m willing to bet on that.

The visualization you just did is typical of one you might experience in an energy session at Reiki Montreal.


First, the visualization helped you come into the present moment. This is crucial for all healing. Healing never happens anywhere else. Then, you got in touch with your body. So often every day we get lost in our heads and entirely forget we have a body. Remember, though, your body is your temple! Don’t neglect it. Give it love and attention.

Next, we started the actual visualization. I had you go to a place that is vast and spacious… so you could feel free and safe in whatever would happen next. Finally, you experienced loving acceptance. Did you enjoy it? This particular visualization would be great for someone who has an active self-critic... or someone who can’t stop judging themselves…or someone who just doesn’t like others that much.

This visualization targeted the issues around the heart chakra. You can find more information about the chakras and chakra balancing here. A visualization can be created for each and every chakra. Actually, limitless visualizations can be created for each chakra, problem, or issue you may have!

One of the many amazing benefits of working with visualizations is that they can be tailored exactly to what you need to feel. Right Now.

Perhaps you’ve come across some hypnosis or NLP recordings that use visualizations to tap the fabulous healing power of the brain. They are often well tailored to problems you may face. Whether it’s stopping a nefarious habit or achieving more success in life.

However, because they cater to many, they are not as specific as we can be when we do one in person. Doing a visualization in person allows us to get into EXACTLY what you need to see to remove what’s blocking you from being the strongest and most thriving individual that lives within you.

It can be something like visualizing a successful exchange with your mother or partner, who nags you in a specific way that just drives you NUTS. It can be that every time you hear a phone ringing…you bite your nails. We could then create a visualization where you practice letting the phone ring without biting your nails. (Quick! Is there something that comes to mind for you? Write it down! Bring it to your session! Book your visualization in the context of a healing session here) Of course, if nothing comes to mind, no worries, we will still work with visualization in ways that will leave you getting exactly what you need, still.

A good therapist can match your visualization speed, your breath, can work with you when you block on something, can adapt the visualization to your particular visualizing style and to your needs.

This is a top reason visualizations (or some people call them guided meditations) are especially great when they are guided. This is of considerable benefit to you especially if you are very fast or slow in visualization. Everyone is different and all styles are excellent, but some might not feel recordings work for them because of this.

The MOST important benefit, however, in using guided meditations with someone is that they can be created together. In real time. Giving a trained professional feedback of what you’re seeing and experiencing can bring infinitely more depth to the experience. It might mean the visualization goes new places. It essentially allows the present moment to guide the experience. This is phenomenal for healing.

Visualization allows you to create the state you want. Any Time.

Visualization allows you to get there. It is always available to you. Always. Everywhere. Importantly, what you visualize most is the most likely to manifest itself through the laws of attraction. Once you’ve done a visualization with us at Reiki Montreal, you can practice it again and again. Wherever you are. It allows you to have certain states and feelings accessible to you anytime, anywhere.  It is a creative and imaginative way to create a new you. Visualization is limitless! We are only bounded by our imaginations!

If you like and come prepared, the visualization we do in session can be recorded. Just remember to bring a device that will do the trick. It should be able to record anywhere from 5 to 12 minutes of audio.

Some people may be wondering what the difference between meditation and visualization is. Reiki Montreal does both. In our opinion, there is quite a difference. Here is a distinction of visualization and meditation  by LiveStrong.

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