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I’m off to Cuba for the first part of 2016 (awesome way to start the year!) and I thought it might be fun to give you some bonuses if you book while I’m away! I’d be thrilled to work with you this year! Without further ado, here are option:


Reiki Sessions

If you’re stuck in your life, you’re stuck in your energy. Reiki is a gentle healing technique that brings back energetic balance.
60-min. $85. (25% off for you if you’re 25 and under).
Your bonus for booking before I come back: 1 Distance Reiki Healing Session.
I’m available as of Jan 24th.

Book it now!


Reconnection Sessions

To bring back a sense of peace when you’re at war with yourself. Take this session to reconnect with yourself when you’re stuck in emotional turmoil, being hard on yourself and having difficulty moving forward.
90-min. Reiki + Mindful Self-Inquiry. $115 (25% off for you if you’re 25 and under).
Your bonus for booking before I come back: 1 Distance Reiki Healing Session.

Book it now!


Reconnection Program

For when you’re simply “not feeling like yourself”. This is a 5-week journey back to yourself. We look at what’s holding you back, where you’re blocking yourself, and nurture you back to flow, self-love & vitality!
5 x 90min of Mindful Self-inquiry + Reiki. $475 (25% off for you if you’re 25 and under).
Your bonus for booking before I come back: 1 60-min Reiki Session one month after your reconnection program.
Book Your First Session.

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Spiritual Life Coaching

Imagine what your life might look like if it reflected you, at your best? This is for you if you’re creative, spiritual and craving a life of alignment and you’re committed to living your purpose. It’s a partnership over a minimum of three months.
(The prices go up February 14th and I’m accepting a maximum of 6 clients. Before Feb 14: $275/month (or 25% off if you’re 25 and under). After Feb 14: $375/month.)
Apply while I’m gone and get your bonuses : 1 week of distance Reiki healing to jump start our partnership AND 10% off any other courses or programs you do with me while we’re engaged in the partnership.

Apply here


Reiki Courses

If you want to connect with life in a different way, taking a Reiki course is a GREAT way to do that. A small group Reiki I is happening Sat Jan 30 (9:30-4:30pm), Feb 10 & Feb 17 (both 6:30 to 9:30pm). $225.
E-mail me at info@reikimontreal.org to let me know you’re in! (no 25% off, no bonus).
Reiki I can also be done privately, but at a higher price $450.


Group Program for recent college graduates!

This is strictly for you if you are either currently in University or just recently graduated and you feel a bit like THIS about adult life. We’ll meet 8 weeks and explore spirituality, responsibility, staying true to yourself and general badassery together. I’m thinking of following the wisdom of the chakras as it applies to real life. It’s a beta test, so we’ll be co-creating and it’ll be AWESOME. For pricing, I want you to have some skin in the game, but I also don’t want to be charging you full price, because we’re creating this thing together. I’m thinking half-price: $475 down to $240. Let me know you’re interested by e-mailing me at info@reikimontreal.org+ what your questions are while I’m gone and you’ll get a bonus 60-min Reiki session whether it works out or not!

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