On Fall

I don’t want to plunge in the dark. I’m a little bit afraid.
The days shortening. The glory of the summer waning. I can feel deep places in me shifting, dying. I can feel a grief emerging for the version of me that is dying.
I’m letting go. My leaves are falling to the ground. I can see them there, still perfect and beautiful. I yearn for them to come back, but I know the greater truth is that their place is at my feet. Their place is for them to surrender, to decay & rot & eventually melt into the ground. Their place is there… & deep down, I know I’ll never have them back, but I also know that they will nourish the soil underneath my feet.
I’m afraid of the darkness ahead, of the not knowing what’s next… My ego is uncomfortable with this season of death, but I know that ultimately the cycles of life & death nourish & support me. All the way through.
I’ve been trying to skip ahead to nourishment, to replenishment when (for me) it’s time to empty & release.
My invitation is for you to assess: what season are you in?
What do you need? Is it time for a quiet letting go? Is it time for grieving what you’ve let go of? Is it time to release yourself to the Earth, melting into her? Is it time to grow new tentative branches? Is it time to soak nourishment up from the ground? What is YOUR season right now?
Whatever the season, know that there’s a time for it. All is well. Don’t skip ahead. Being where you are is perfect.
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