I wanted to belong…

I wanted to belong.
More than anything.

I wanted the feeling of being seen, understood & loved. I wanted it desperately but had no clue how to get it. How do you create belonging as a kid when you feel different, separate and weird?
So I tried the next best thing: To be liked, to be approved of, to fit in.
I smiled a lot. I accomplished a lot. I was busy a lot. I presented my best face to the world. I fit in A LOT.
… but along the way, I lost myself and I never felt like I truly belonged.
I felt like I was separate, different, maybe somehow flawed and not good enough to truly belong anywhere.
Then I tried a new strategy: to be weird, awkward, purposely off-beat… to test: if people liked me now, would I be worthy? would I belong? It worked a little. It worked better than being the “good girl”, but… I still felt like I had to wear a mask. Not for any sinister reason. Just because I didn’t know who I was. I wasn’t rooted in me.

Then one day, I felt it: I belonged. Completely without trying.

I had let it all fall away…
The accomplishing, the trying, the comparing, the over-smiling, the constant assessing and positioning…
I had let it fall away and I had let myself fall into… myself.
Myself underneath the stories. Myself underneath the questions. Myself underneath the doubts.
Underneath all of that I just found energy.
I just found vibration.
I just found… a living, breathing consciousness.
Somewhere in there, there was no longer a need to judge, no longer a need to improve, no longer a need to be anything I’m not… and it’s from that place of connection, from the depth of my essence, from my core that I could start feeling I belong. Simply. No matter where. By the simple act of being alive.
It’s from that place I was able to start believing in my own inherent worthiness.
I’ve perfected the art of bringing others there as well.
We navigate your inner critic… We welcome it with love (it too is energy)
We navigate the parts of you you reject… We welcome it with love (it too is energy)
We ease you into seeing YOURSELF so you can feel seen, no matter what.
We ease you into loving yourself so you can feel loved, no matter what.
We navigate into the depths of you where there’s just vibration so you may remember your inherent worthiness.
I’m going to be launching my signature 5-week reconnection program again soon with LOTS of delicious bonuses.
I’ll post more details here soon, but as there are only 6 spots available, I’d love to give you priority access.
If this calls you (a sign is that you’ve read all the way down to this line hehe), perhaps you’d like to set up a call with me to find out if this is right for you?

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