Healer, claimed.

I had an astrology reading today. I was a little ashamed at first. Why do I need this? Why am I spending this money? I *know* who I am!

Turns out I do. So do the stars ;). It confirmed to me that there’s no sense in fighting who I am. I realize that’s been the learning for several, several months now.
My thoughts:
Waking up to myself… that’s what I might call what I’ve been doing in the last year.
I’ve woken up to my intuition. I’ve woken up to me as a teacher. I’ve woken up to me as a space-holder.
This year… I’ve become at peace with a very powerful word: “Healer”.
It is who I am. There’s no sense in fighting it any longer.
Who i am matters. I know that now. It’s a struggle for me to remember to take care of that (of me) and I know I’m going to keep learning and keep teaching that.
Because that’s another part of who I am: I learn & I teach. Teaching and sharing is essential for my well-being.
It’s who I am. There’s no sense in fighting it.
That might be the single biggest change for me over the last year: Letting Inge be Inge.
It is also my purest intention in my work: to let you be you.
The same questions I ask of me, I ask of you: Who are you at your core? What are the gifts wanting to be expressed? How can you best place yourself in the world to serve?
The same process I go through, I hold you through: Working through the blocks, moving through the fears, creating space for new gifts to emerge, holding a space for you, loving you.
The same wish I have for me, I have for you: To keep waking up to yourself, to all the glorious layers, to your radiant love, to your highest service… and for you to place yourself where you can be of highest service.
I can see now why I do what I do.
I teach daily in my facebook group. I share what I’m learning. I hold a space.
I teach Reiki & chakras, an incredible framework to help you wake up to you and for your gifts to start to emerge.
I offer transformational programs, where we work through the blocks and the fears to reveal more of you to you.
I offer guidance & mentorship to budding entrepreneurs who are looking to unleash their gifts upon the world… <3.
If any of this calls you, let me know, I’m here. :).
Wishing for you to wake up to yourself, in peace, love & radiant joy.
Much love,

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  1. Jennifer Armendariz November 28, 2016 at 11:37 pm #

    Inge, you have an amazing gift of thought and insight. (Im bingeing your newsletters right now). I am so blessed to have found you. Namaste’.

    • Inge November 29, 2016 at 12:04 am #

      Ohh thank you so much Jennifer! <3 <3 I really, really appreciate that :).

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