Reiki Montreal Testimonial From Colette van Haaren

Reiki Montreal Testimonial Colette van HaarenRight off, I’ll disclose my relationship with Inge: she is my oldest daughter. I’ve had a few Reiki treatments with her, so I’ve seen her grow into her role of Energy Therapist over time. She helped me greatly when she told me that I was concentrating my energy in my head, something that might be contributing to my insomnia. She gave me a tip that helped me relax my body and fall asleep more easily. I have to say the technique sounded familiar. I’d taught her this same thing many years ago but had forgotten to apply it myself. Most of all, I love her calm and reassuring presence during the sessions – yes, you can call me biased, but go ahead and see for yourself…

– Colette van Haaren
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