Let Go: 6 Steps to learn Letting Go

Letting Go: 6 Steps to learn Letting Go

If you’re harbouring resentment or bitterness towards something or someone, you know that letting go can be the most difficult thing to do. You also know that holding onto all that pain and hurt inside is an awful experience.

Has anyone ever told you “Just let it go?” Did it annoy you? Did you know how? It’s something we say often, but truly letting go isn’t easy. There is method to the madness, however. So let me try to teach you how to let go.

How Letting Go Works


Letting Go Acts Mainly On The Solar Plexus and on the Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is at the center of the human chakra system.

It connects the energies of the basic, raw human needs with those more spiritual.

The Heart Chakra is where acceptance lives. It is where unconditional love lives. When the heart chakra is balanced, we flow easily with life, we enjoy, we love and receive love easily.

The Key To The Heart Center’s Health? The ability to accept. The key to the solar’s plexus’s health?  letting go.

Letting Go of the past, in its glorious moments and its painful moments allows the restoring of flow. It allows you to move forward, fully, with energy and enthusiasm.

The Only Way Forward

If you feel yourself unaccepting of your circumstances.
If you find yourself rigid.
If you find yourself unable to move forward because you’re still analyzing the past.
If you feel yourself attached to control, at all costs.
If you are so attached to how things used to be, that you can’t enjoy the present moment.

Letting Go is the only way forward.

If you’re still not sure, think of what being attached to all that is costing you.

Your health? Your relationships? Your sanity?

Letting Go – What It Means And What It Doesn’t Mean …

letting go doesn’t necessarily “not caring”. …nor does it necessarily mean “giving up”.

All it means is … that you’re letting go of the emotional charge related to something or someone.
The fixation. The obsession even. The next time you encounter that what you want to let go of, that charge isn’t there as strongly anymore.

Time To Let Go.

Three simple questions will help you achieve that much needed release. They are deceptively simple. Here they are. Right now.

Step 1 Choose something you know you will benefit from letting go of.

Make it specific. Examples include: I want to let go of … that craving for a cigarette every morning I want to let go of… The anger I felt when John told me cheated on me I want to let go of… The way I feel hurt because of that letter of rejection. Try something. Don’t worry if it’s not right. You can change it later.

Step 2 Ask yourself: “Could I let go of __(insert your statement here)____?”

Notice your reaction. Do you find yourself answering “no. No no no. I can’t. I really can’t”. Or maybe you made an excuse “Well I don’t think I’m strong enough”. Feel the way your body reacted to the question.

Step 3 If your answer to “Could I let go of _________?” was yes, say it out loud “Yes!” and move on to Step 4.

If not, that’s normal, don’t worry. This is what happens most often. It’s great! It means you picked something nice and challenging! Now, tap into what makes you unable to say “yes”. Try “In a perfect world, could I let go of ____?” If you get a yes, move to step 4. If you make excuses, try to let go of the excuse. Let’s say you keep saying “No, I’m not strong enough”. Try: “Could I let go of believing I’m not strong enough to let go?” and use this as your statement. Move to step 4. If you’re still incapable of finding a “yes” you may have taken a statement that’s too big. Try taking a little piece of it. Do this until you can find a yes. Usually it takes a couple of tries, but you’ll get there.

Step 4 Do the same thing as step 3, but with a new question: “Would I let go of____________?”

The same thing might happen here. Even if you responded “YES” to the previous question, you might encounter resistance here. Keep feeling and sensing… and trying the question… if again you have to take a smaller statement, start with the first question. If you get a yes there, do the second question.Continue fine tuning until you are able to say YES to “Could I let go of______?” AND “Would I let go of________? Say “yes” out loud. You can do it, you’re almost there!

Step 5 When you have something you can say YES to both times, ask yourself: “When will I let go of __________?”

You might try to squirm out of it by saying “next week” “as soon as…” or anything else. Get yourself to answer “NOW” to this question. How does it feel?

Step 6 Enjoy the feeling of having let go!

Often there’s more left. Go back to step 2, until you feel you’ve really let go. Ask yourself the questions again and again until it’s been let go of. Most people report that they feel “a load off their shoulders” or “relieved” or “free-er”… Often people have a little giggle when they were able to answer “yes, yes, NOW”. Whatever your reaction, if it’s good, it’s working for you. Enjoy the feeling and keep working with it! We hope you enjoyed this technique. TRY IT. Try it on everything. Keep doing it. You will find yourself capable of flowing, loving and enjoying more in life.

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