A call to action to all young, vibrant women who feel …

A call to action to all young, vibrant women who feel …


Dearest young woman,

You’re smart, you’re young. You’re most likely working towards the life you want. You work hard, you take care of yourself, you have great friends, maybe even a great relationship.

Yet sometimes, once in a while… you catch yourself feeling like your life is just not as satisfying as you’d like. Like something’s missing. Like a… “There’s gotta be more to life than this”!

It might be because your friends are all having children and moving into the next phase of their life, but something feels a little off to you. Like you’re lonely but you’re not.

Sometimes you feel like the world’s heading off in this weird tailspin and you’re trying to find your place in it, and you really want to succeed, but ultimately it feels like what you’re working so hard for is sort of meaningless.

You’re watching yourself compromising on what you really want, settling. And if you’re like the smart, beautiful, vibrant women I see in my practice, you don’t like it much.

You know that in the moments you’re really honest with yourself, you’re generally not connecting. Not to yourself. Not to others. Not to your dreams. Not to what you really want. You know that… “It’s like everything’s going well if you look at it from the outside, but there’s just something missing”. It kind of sucks…

But that honest little voice in there also believes that there has to be something you can do. It believes (or wants to at least believe) that achieving balance in all spheres of your life IS possible.

That honest part of you knows that “a vibrant, healthy, joyful, meaningful life is within your reach”.

For a moment you listen to that honest little voice and you feel great and the next… poof! it’s gone. You’re back in the whirlwind of your life. Reacting. Acting. Getting tired. Exhausted. Getting by… Sleepwalking. Until the next time you wake up again.

And when you do, you’re unsure of what to do about it.

Here’s what’s happening: You are waking up.

That sense… “That there’s gotta be something more to life than this”… that’s a spiritual awakening. It’s a call. It’s a call to create your life. It’s a call to flow with the different spheres of your life. It’s a call to learn what really matters. It’s a call to stay awake for longer.

You’re not alone. A lot of people have this sense. Yet, we don’t really talk about it do we? Can you imagine announcing to your friends and family “I am awakening spiritually!”… What would happen? It would be kind of weird right? But the truth is… they feel it too. They probably have that sense too… They too feel like life is passing them by and they’re not living their purpose…

So by now you’re probably wondering how to embrace this unsatisfying situation…


Step 1: Identify where imbalance is happening.

Take an inventory of your life. Reground. Recenter.

Ask yourself what’s working for you? What’s not? One of the simplest ways to do this is to take a quick journey through the chakras. Yes, the chakras, like they talk about in yoga class. They are really useful for this. We have 7 chakras in our bodies and each one governs a different aspect of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical lives. A really quick summary:

  • 1: Root: Survival
  • Your relationships with food, shelter, being grounded.
  • 2: Sacral: Pleasure
  • Your relationships with sex, raw emotion.
  • 3: Solar Plexus: Motivation
  • Your relationships with work, control, power.
  • 4: Heart: Relationships
  • Your relationships with others, with self-love, with acceptance.
  • 5: Throat: Expression
  • Your relationship with your own voice, your self-expression.
  • 6: Third Eye: Perception
  • Your relationship with your beliefs, your perception, your intuition.
  • 7: Crown: Connection
  • Your relationship with the divine, with the big picture.

If you’re still reading, this resonates with you, so go ahead. Take a moment: How are you on each theme? You can be brutally honest with yourself. Where are you blocking? What is taking too much place in your life? It’s really normal to be unbalanced.


Step 2: Work on the imbalance with Reiki.

Reiki is a hands-on energy technique that balances the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy in each chakra, or energy center.

  • This restores the FLOW in each chakra.
  • This restores the FLOW you feel in your life.
  • It’s an opportunity to really restore what you want.
  • You want freedom? Great relationships? A Passionate career? To found a family? To feel great?

It’s all in there within you.


Step 3: Find the innerguide with Mindful Body-Mind Conversations.

Now that we know the seed of what you want is right there within you, we just need to remove the blocks the difficulties of life have installed within you. By going inside, and having a conversation with the body in a mindful way, we can gently remove the obstacles that are keeping you in your current situation. We can then often find the little actions you can take to attain your goals.

This means removing the blocks in TWO different ways, rendering this process doubly effective. Once with a mindful body-mind conversation, once with reiki. We even give you exercises to do in your daily life to keep balancing.


It’s time to make yourself and your life a priority. Remove the blocks to the life you want. Become more fully who you are. In short,

This is a CALL TO ACTION to all women who:

–       Feel like there’s gotta be more to life than this

–       Feel like they’re just not flowing with life in the way they are supposed to

–       Feel like something in their life is stuck


–       Are open to the possibility of there actually BEING more to life than this

–       Have the courage to go for what they want, even if they don’t know what that is

–       Are willing to take responsibility for their life.

Take Action by Scheduling a First FREE Conversation About All of This

Here’s how it works:

First session:

  1. We take an inventory of your life. What’s bugging you, what’s blocking you, what’s unsatisfying, what are your interior questions, or even if everything’s fine, but you just want to explore further.
  2. We start the unblocking process by having a mindful mind-body conversation using a technique called focusing
  3. We continue the unblocking/balancing with a reiki session.
  4. We discuss what’s going on at the energetic level for you.

This first session is $115. At this point, we decide if a  5, or 8 session reconnection program is appropriate for you. We also decide to proceed with solely reiki (1 hour sessions) or with other techniques as well (1.5h sessions)

Depending on the level of commitment, of exercises done, of how much you put in this process,

You can expect:

  • More balance in each of these life themes:
  • Survival,
  • Pleasure,
  • Motivation,
  • Relationships,
  • Expression,
  • Perception,
  • Connection.
  • Moving forward there where you were blocked
  • Breaking the patterns that get you into trouble every time
  • Feeling Stronger, a bigger sense of “I can handle this”
  • Greater self-awareness, greater choices, greater freedom
  • A healthier relationship with yourself
  • More flow in your life
  • Feel more joy in your life
  • Feeding a very important part of your humanity: your spirituality
  • Opening to a whole new world of energy
  • More balance

Let’s Talk!

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