My new years wish

My new years wish


A new year has begun. It’s the time we take resolutions.

A time where we collectively decide to change. We’ll eat better, exercise more, save more, floss more, stop smoking, stop snacking, we’ll take the stairs to our 8th floor office, etc. etc. It’s awesome. This is the year, we feel.

But it’s known: We also collectively fail to keep our resolutions year after year after year.

There are tricks, there are tips, there are ways to get around that failure. They’re good. They’re for real.
I’ll let the experts talk on that one. Read these articles and when you’ve applied all of that read on. Otherwise stop right here.

You can do your own google search, but here:

I’m serious. It won’t be useful to you. It might even hurt you. So first: set up your goals properly. I’m double serious. Ok, got it? Read on ;).

So here’s my call to action:

Be a warrior.

Change takes COURAGE.

Change is uncomfortable. It’s weird. Inevitably resistance comes up. We make excuses. We procrastinate. We hit snooze. We push it to tomorrow. And there we have it: Back into our comfortable old patterns, but knowing they’re actually not that good for us.

Be courageous.
See yourself as a warrior:

Patiently train your willpower one day at a time, you’ll fall, you’ll get up. It’s practice.
When the time comes, trudge through the fields of discomfort you encounter.
Slay the old habits that are keeping your small, knowing that they’ll grow 4 more heads every time you chop one off… Such is the nature of the beast, such is the nature of resistance.
And all the while, revel in the fight, because you fiercely believe in the worthiness of your cause.

Yes, you’re going to fail. Yes, you’ll fall. Yes, you’ll procrastinate. Yes, you won’t wanna. But yes, you’ll succeed, you’ll get up, you’ll do it. And that’s what it’s about. You’re trying. You’re practicing. You’re doing awesome.

The best part? You are totally worth the fight.

Happy 2014 from someone who’s resolution it is to share just that much more of herself in 2014. Much love <3.

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