Refer Me Your Friends & Loved Ones Struggling With Situational Depression

I’ve decided to go pro. Full on, no turning back, badass, really good at what I do kind of pro.

& I need your help. Please read.I NEED YOUR HELP

I do energy work. but maybe you don’t know what that is. Or think it’s woo-woo and includes magical thinking, which is totally what I thought at first (yup, I admit), so I don’t blame you, but after 19 months of witnessing transformation after transformation, I know it’s way more than that.

Let me tell you what it is I’m trying to do every day. My dream. My vision. The slice of world I want to help create.

“I have a dream”:

I dream of a world where men, women and children are able to hear their inner wisdom.
We all have it. Tons of it.

It’s a world where people never get stuck for very long. It’s a world where situational depression is a rarity, because people are able to stop and listen to what they truly want in their lives. They flow with the opportunities presented to them and have a deep sense of worthiness and inner peace.

I dream of a world where everyone is able to hold a curious, open, and warm attitude towards themselves. It’s a world where people know that what they’re feeling is valid: That their emotions and feelings are trying to tell them something – something really useful. And they listen.

It’s a world where people have the courage to listen and allow change to happen. They allow their feelings to transform under their loving attention. It’s a place where everybody undertakes their own hero’s journey: transform their pain and suffering into wisdom, knowledge and into something wonderful for the rest of us.

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And it’s TOTALLY possible.

I KNOW this is possible, because I witness it every day.
I see suffering transform into wisdom. I see pain transform into peace.
I see stuckness transform into fluidity. I see heaviness turn into lightness.
It’s the most beautiful thing. (& I’m perfecting the art of making it happen).

This is the vision I hold for you: Peace, Joy, Lightness, Flow, Grace, Able to tap into your own Wisdom, Feeling what YOU most want to feel. 
I know you can heal. I know you can get out of stuckness. I know you can get out of situational depression. I know you can stop feeling so heavy.

If you’re ready to learn this,
If you’re ready to face your inner heaviness
and tap into the light and joy that’s there,
Let me help you. 

Be a part of setting a new standard. Be a part of a movement.
I want Montreal to be even MORE of a place where healing happens everywhere. Through a smile. Through a hug. Through really cool street art. Through wonderfully run cafés. Through citizens that are HAPPY.

That healing happens through us, the healed, the healing.

So here’s my personal goal for the year:

Use all of my genius to witness and support 1 000 healing transformations.

I’m going to need you to make this dream a reality.

If you or a loved one is feeling stuck, situationally depressed or just feeling generally “blah” (and are open to alternative solutions) I can help.

I’m especially amazing at helping young women, who are brilliant, loving people, and often amazing at their jobs. Yet right now, they’re feeling lost. Like something is missing. Like things aren’t flowing in the way they’d like. They’re stuck. Scared maybe. A little depressed.

They feel like from the outside their life looks perfect, but from the inside… it doesn’t feel right. They’re open to there being more. They’re fed up of feeling this way and ready to start exploring their deep needs and wants.They’re ready to move out of this stuck place.

If that describes you, or someone you know, I can help.

Refer to me.

Connect people to me.

Give them my phone number: 514-360-3387. My e-mail: My website: My Facebook page:

Just have them get in touch with me. I’ll meet them where they’re at and take care of them from there with what I offer. If we’re not a good fit, that’s 100% fine. I’ll do my best to find someone who CAN help you in the way you deserve. I offer 30 minute free consultations to figure all of that out without them having to spend a penny.

I’m so grateful you took the time to read.
I want to live in a world where people are fulfilled, happy and using their unique gifts to enhance the rest of our world. Help me make that a reality?



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