Living spiritually is…

Living Spiritually

You’re part of consciousness wrapped in this physical body wrapped in a mental ego shield.
You’re recycled starlight.
You’re life, manifested.

You’re so freaking awesome.
And so am I. And everyone else too.

To me, living spiritually is…

To me, living spiritually is equal parts humility and empowerment.
It’s recognizing that we’re this tiny part of this vast ocean of consciousness, small and humble…
AND… that, at the very same time, we are powerful enough to change everything.

It’s about acceptance.
It’s about awe.

It’s about noticing all the contradictions in life (and yourself!) and loving how there exist so many truths at once.
It’s about embracing “not knowing” and trusting anyway.
It’s about extending an attitude of acceptance and curiosity to all things.

It doesn’t have to mean a passive life. It doesn’t have to mean you meditate all day every day. It doesn’t mean you have to meditate at all! It doesn’t have to mean you put crystals everywhere and you talk with spirits. It can. It doesn’t have to. You can be a spiritual warrior, working to make the world a safer place. Or you can be a peaceful hermit. Or you can be a mother of three, balancing career, family & inspiration. It doesn’t matter what your external reality looks like.

Living spiritually means living true to yourself. Radically honest. Radically accepting. Radically taking responsibility for who you are in the world. It means showing up. And letting go. And trusting. It means taking responsibility for yourself and leaving the rest up to the Universe/God/Source/…

When things get hard, and our ego gets beaten down, it’s about asking “How can I thrive through this?” or “What can I learn?”, “How is my soul wanting to emerge?”.

Keep engaging. Keep looking for inspiration. Keep accepting. Keep being curious.
Remembering and Forgetting and Remembering again.
Practice, practice, practice…
Love, love, love…

To me, living spiritually is the willingness to fall deeply in love with life.

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