Open your Third Eye

Open your Third Eye

Following are four very simple exercises that will help you open your third eye and enhance your intuition.

Spread them through your days… Play with them. Find out which ones feels good to you. Which one helps you get in touch with your intuition most? Which one relaxes you most?

1. Visualize Your Forehead Opening

Simply picture your forehead as a window. Imagine that you are pushing aside the curtains and opening the windows. Let the light stream in.

2. Go star-gazing.

Next time you are out of the city and find yourself under a star-lit sky, gaze at them. See how it makes you feel.

3. Eye palming

Rub your hands together, making them nice and warm. Then place them over your eyes, enjoying the warmth, enjoying the relaxation.

4. Look at what’s inside your eyelids.

Close your eyes. Open your eyes. Close your eyes. Open your eyes. Close your eyes.

When your eyes are closed, what do you see? Do you see the energy contour of what’s infront of you?

Opening the Third Eye
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