I will not be available for in-person sessions until March 3rd. If you are okay to wait until then for your session, I’m delighted and will happily get back to you with my availabilities. The best way to get in touch with me at the moment is through e-mail at

Otherwise, I am happy to refer you to some of my colleagues.

1)Klara B, in Laval, works both in English and French.  514 867 5609.

2) Carrie F, close to Berri UQAM metro, works primarily in English, but speaks French as well.

These are two women I have learned alongside with and trust.

There is a place…

There is a place…
… a place beyond “I, me, my, mine”…

  •  a place where we don’t need to guard our “selves” so fiercely, because there is no “self” to guard.
  •  a place where we don’t need to take on someone’s suffering to walk with them on their path.
  •  a place where the need to obsessively check facebook, feast on chocolate or reach for that next cigarette gently crests & falls away.
  •  a place where thoughts aren’t screeching in a frenzied panic, but rather float on by on the background.
  •  a place where the stories we tell about ourselves don’t matter and we connect to a larger truth of who we are.
  •  a place where the moment is all there is and distraction and worry and rumination fall away.

Do you know this place? Have you been here?

I bet you have, at one moment or another.
This place exists in all of us, and is available to all of us.

It happens when we let go of fitting all our experiences into a coherent story. It occurs when we let go of all the “I am XYZ”, “I must get X”, “This is important for ME”, “I need to get ahead”, “I am better/worse than Y”, “I must protect myself”, etc. thinking that bounds us into a “small self”, into something that fits into a somewhat coherent story.

In the brain, that looks like the Posterior Cingulate Cortex (PCC) calming down. This area correlates with self-referential thinking and when it fires less, we get to the place I described above. (Reference: Judson Brewer’s “Craving Mind“)

The beautiful thing is: Our brain is malleableWith the right practices, we get to start deciding how it fires!!!

With the right practices, we can calm down the PCC and create strong, clear pathways to this place.

One of these practices is meditation. More and more studies are showing this.

Meditation has been a part of my life for 9 years now and I have a burning desire to start teaching this in a committed, clear & effective way.
If all goes well, I will be taking training this August to learn how to do just that. Would you potentially be interested to embark on a learning journey with me this fall?
If so, I would love to know: Where are you on your meditation journey? Is it something you already do? Something you do in a committed way? Something you’d like to do? Or are you in a place that sounds more like: “oh, I can’t do that, my mind is too all over the place”? ❤️ I would seriously love to hear where you’re at. Comment below?

Another practice that gets us to this place (I am SURE of it, even if there are no studies on this), is reiki.

Reiki puts us in touch with a universal, loving energy that moves through us to wake up our bodies natural ability to heal. 
When you work with this on the regular, your stories start falling away & your perspective undergoes a fundamental shift, away from ego & into the soul. The extra beauty of reiki, is that this is something you get to share with your loved ones as of the first level.
and this, I AM teaching right now, so if you would like to become better at getting to this place and even potentially take others there, I invite you to take a serious look at the reiki page and get in touch if you’re ready to start or continue your reiki journey 

with me.  

Your light is enough.

“Each person shines with his or her own light. No two flames are alike. There are big flames and little flames, flames of every color. Some people’s flames are so still they don’t even flicker in the wind, while others have wild flames that fill the air with sparks. Some foolish flames neither burn nor shed light, but others blaze with life so fiercely that you can’t look at them without blinking, and if you approach you shine in the fire.” ― Eduardo Galeano

I’ve made 2 (costly) mistakes when it comes to managing my inner light.

Let this be some straight talk if you’re making these same mistakes.
(haha and let’s face it: I will probably need to be set straight again some point in the future).
  1. Are you hiding your light?

Don’t. We need you. Lit up.
“You playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightening about shrinking so others won’t feel insecure around you. As you let your own light shine, you indirectly give others permission to do the same.” – Marianne Williamson
  1. Are you running around everywhere trying to spread your light? and ending up burnt out?

You’re feeling good and lit up and feel like it’s your duty to spread that goodness around? You’re trying to spread your light as far and wide as you can? You’re lit on FIRE and you want everyone else to feel this way too?
You start running and spreading the light everywhere you can: “Here, some fire for you!”, “Here, some fire for you too!”, “and for you!”. You start running so fast and so erratically, that… your flame can no longer sustain itself.
Run, run, run…
burn out, burn out, burn out. 

Here’s the reminder:

Just you glowing is ENOUGH. ❤

Simply tend your flame. Slow and steady. With presence and care.

That’s all that’s needed. No running, no hiding, no agenda.

With that kind of action, you bring more light in the world and “when you let your own light shine, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” – Nelson Mandela
I see you. I love you. I am you.

Dragons for International Women’s Day

Some journaling I did following a potent session with my soul sister Lauren Venable.

I met this part of me (for the umptieth time) that feels like a dragon. She named herself Shiba.
In our session, she kept asking me to trust her and I didn’t want to. There was a lot of fear. A full day went by, and in the evening, while trying to write a newsletter for the chakra journey, this flowed out instead.

Although deeply personal, it feels entirely archetypal and very a propos for women’s day, so I thought it might be of service to share it.

Let me know how it resonates?


P.S. I imagine there’s many spelling mistakes. Please forgive me.


Okay, Shiba, what happens if I choose to trust you?
“Come, I’ll show you”.
She nuzzles me and I climb onto her head, there’s spikes, but she gently wiggles so I find the spot at the back of her head where there’s a perfect groove just for me. I notice it’s the exact size of my bum, I’m grateful she doesn’t judge me for the size of it.
I feel a warm hearted chuckle at that, like she’s thinking: “Humans, so insecure, so lovable”.
I feel a shudder of sadness pass through me. I know I’m safe. I know I can trust.
I lean on her and let myself shake with the grief of holding it all together.I feel a burning show up in my throat and tighten up again, doubt again. I turn my attention to Shiba X no, I distract again, turning to facebook.
Shiba is patient. She was expecting this. I feel her point me towards the grief again. She makes no move to move. She stays still. “Feel. I got you”.
I’m exhausted. I lean on her. She’s surprisingly comfortable. I have a fleeting through : “i’m cuddling with a dragon…” “I’m definitely not in control anymore”
I fall asleep. As I do, I’m aware of Shiba orchestrating a healing for me… Red energy is moving up like fumes… Licking me, keeping me warm, I am aware of it tickling something tight in my head… she’s gently working the parts that keep me disconnected from her. I stir… those threads of control running strong in me. I feel her putting an energetic hand on my heart, as if to say: ” You don’t know anything about control yet”, “this is bigger than control, this is power and it’s creative”. I’m afraid, but I know I’ve already said yes. I surrender. I feel an awakening at my lower belly. I realize this is how we can move together. She’s already chosen to trust me. Chills run down my right side and I tingle in awe and humility. I want to cast it away, I want to cast her away… She knew that too. She anticipated that too. She holds me.

She’s still, giving me time. I’m still. Frozen almost. Getting used to my own fear. Feeling it pulse in my belly. Feeling the contraction in my heart. “Only bad girls direct energy or dragons with their pelvis” … the thought crosses my mind. Again I feel a rumbling of amusement and also patient irritation coming from Shiba… As if to say: what a weird twisted place these humans have gotten themselves in. Yet she holds me, patiently, even as she’s internally shaking her head at my goofiness. “I know you feel that way”, she finally pulsates in my direction. Again, shaking overtakes me. We both grieve that thought. Blue light comes and surrounds me this time. I can feel it coming up to my heart, swirling, surrounding, until I hear Shiba’s voice again: “Come, let’s burn this in the embers of the broken patriarchy. It’s time to evolve this thought.” I again surrender to the knowing I have already made this choice and it’s now time to do it. “Ready for some adventure, sweets?”, Shiba says with barely suppressed mirth.
– You mean we’re gonna fly?!
– Yeah, and you’re gonna feel like such a badass.
She gives me a moment of frozen terror and the second she feels my rising giggles she lurches off the ground.
– eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I squeal, and feel a rush of energy surge upwards in me. I need to hold on and it’s not really smooth, but it IS enliving. I feel my pelvis clench again as I search for the reigns of control, to slow it all down, to push my power down. “Don’t”. “Trust me”. I can feel her life force fading from her as I realize she trusted me enough to fly, even as I’m learning how I power her. She needs me as much as I need her. She’s a patient and daring teacher. I am once again humbled. “What do I need to know?” I feel the clenching in my throat and the fear take me over and the hips locking up again. She falters a little. I feel her struggling underneath me, unable to answer, so I do the only thing I can do:
“Shiba, you’re beautiful. You’re powerful. You’re magic. You’re incredible. I believe in you. I trust you.” I start crying because I realize all the times I didn’t see and couldn’t encourage her. My throat burns up as if to say “don’t say things like that. You’ll get in trouble”. I feel a burning in my belly, a fury mounting: “No. I choose to trust. Damn the consequences.” Shiba pulls out in a smooth swoop. I feel the rushing of air, the tightening in my hips. This is going to take some getting used to… but I feel the exhileration of feeling the cool air whip my hair and the sheer joy of trusting this friend.
“Ready for the fun part?!”
We circle a big field of burnt ashes. I know it’s the place there… the patriarchy place… I know what she wants me to do. Throw up the ball of energy of “Only bad girls direct energy or dragons with their pelvis”. I can feel its tendrils come back to me, but I know that this adventure has been powered by nothing but kindness and love so I stand up, knowing I’ll keep my balance and throw it as hard as I can towards the ashes. Shiba buuuuuurns it to smithereens with her dragon breath. I freeze again. Shiba gives me the time to process this new level of power. She gently wiggles to remind me to relax my hips and soften into her again. I feel a pulse there. There’s a timid joy in my heart now, an innocent moment of awe. My heart pulses. I sit back down. I’m quiet. With a sweetness I would never in a million years expected.

Shiba descends towards the Earth, let’s me descend back to the Earth, make me a little moss bed and tucks me in as I go to sleep. I feel awake and white and full of fire all at once.
“That’s what happens if you choose to trust me… Now rest, beautiful Earth creature. You’re loved. You’re cared for. You’re safe. You’re okay. You’re watched over.”
I feel my whole body processing and there’s a bland whiteness in my mind. I choose to keep trusting as I let her watch over me and heal me. She sends white light this time…


Inge’s Leader of 1 Journey


~The Healing Revolution, Leader of 1, Day 1~

Challenge 1: My mind.
My mind has a mind of its own.
It jumps from one idea to the next like a flee on speed.

Commitment 1: Meditation.
“I’m breathing in, I know I’m breathing in”
“I’m breathing out, I know I’m breathing out”
“I’m breathing in, I know I’m breathing in”
“I’m breathing out, I know I’m breathing out”

As I stay with the breath, I slowly become the leader of my mind.


Inge from
Inge’s Healing Revolution

[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]~The Healing Revolution, Leader of 1, Day 2~


It feels like there’s a larger flow. I choose to surrender and be carried, simply readjusting course when I choose to.

As I surrender, I get to savor and celebrate.[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Day 3 – Radio Silence[/threecol_one_last]

[threecol_one]~The Healing Revolution, Leader of 1, Day 4~


I can feel myself wanting to merge with the nothingness of sleep. I’m exhausted. I have family over and I can feel my energy becoming overly open, losing my boundaries.

Today, my challenge will be to hold my space, bring my boundaries back, allow myself to take up a clear space.

No justifications.
Lots of clarifications.


Inge[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]~The Healing Revolution, Leader of 1, Day 5~
Today, I choose SELF-COMPASSION.
I forgive myself for not already being where I’m going.
I stand in compassion with myself for being on a never-ending journey where I will never-endingly be imperfect.
I choose to see the complete and utter perfection in that.
Compassionately yours,
[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Column 1/3[/threecol_one_last]

[threecol_one]Column 1/3[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]Column 1/3[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Column 1/3[/threecol_one_last]

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Everything is Energy

“Everything is Energy” . 

Have you heard that before… what does it mean?

It means that everything we touch, smell, taste, see, and hear is vibration. It’s dancing particles, containing worlds of information. Each dance is unique, telling the story of a gust of wind, of a pollinating bee, of thousands of generations of flowers growing and dying… All that information is embedded in the microcosm of a flower.

Same goes for the energy of a thought…

  • containing within it a history of personal pain and learning…
  • surrounded by other harmonious or conflicting thoughts…
  • inserted in a world of metaphor and personal truth…
  • supported by a bed of underlying emotion…
  • driven by intention…
  • expressed through words or action…
  • embedded in a culture…

… all of that in a *single thought*

Looking at everything as energy means looking at things without separation. Just vibrating particles.

Looking at the world this way leads to questions.

What would happen if we paid attention to the energy embedded in each word, each look, each thought? What would happen if we deepened our attention?

Since the end of 2016 I’ve been practicing watching currents of energy on the global stage. Energies of fear, anger, misogyny, racism, projection and mismanaged emotion… And also energies of love, compassion, goodness, communication, openness, courage, and standing up for what one feels is right…

These energy currents are playing out on the world stage. They are the result of an amplification of the energy playing out in every person in every moment. There is collective energy intermingling with personal energy. And personal energy manifesting in collective energy.

When we realize that everything we’re witnessing we are somehow a match to on the inside, it leads to questions like:  “How am I contributing to the energy I see projected onto the world stage right now?“ and ”What is the opportunity here for me to heal?”

On my end, witnessing what came to light throughout the american elections of 2016, I forced myself to look at the fear, anger, mismanaged emotion within myself. I met my inner misogynist. I made myself look at how racism and stereotyping operate within my system. I became aware how I am when I’m disconnected & projecting.

I worked those layers. I worked on healing my relationships with (powerful) women. I worked on connecting with myself even more strongly and committing to teaching emotional maturity.

When you look at energy this way and you realize that everything is connected, you begin to see that whatever resonates or strikes a chord within us (or triggers us) can be helped to heal THROUGH us.

Your triggers are gifts. You’re being shown a place within you that’s uncomfortable and irritating. You can work on that place to further the healing in the world.

What are the strands of the collective energy that strike a particular cord with you? What is the invitation for you to heal?

I believe if you are here, you’re being called to heal yourself, and through doing so, to heal a portion of the collective. Thank you for doing so!

Now to integrate:

What changes when you look at the world through the lens of “Everything is Energy?”

  • It’s never really personal. It’s just energies being expressed through us.
  • Our healing matters. Learning to let energy flow more fluidly through us, with peace & love, benefits the world at large.
  • If you’re triggered or challenged, there’s an opportunity to heal a personal (and collective) pattern. You then become an example of how energy can flow in an unencumbered way. Consciously or unconsciously you become an example/teacher for other energies to do the same.
  • Whether you approach healing a pattern on a physical, emotional, mental, behavioral or energetic level, you’re working it and you’re helping it.
  • Everything around you has messages for you. You just need to remember to look. A butterfly sticking on your glasses might be Energy telling you to transform the way you look at things. (This happened to me on the way to a meditation retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and that’s exactly what happened: I transformed how I was looking at things).

Tell me how these land and what the IMPLICATIONS are for you?!

And what are the APPLICATIONS for you? What becomes important?

  • Your self-care?
  • Gathering the courage to do that thing?
  • Doing something kind?
  • Pulling yourself out of a victim mentality and rolling up your sleeves to do your healing work?
  • Standing up for what you believe in and backing it up with some action?
  • Taking that class you’ve been hesitating to take?
  • Finally making the art?

Once you start looking at the world around us in this way, you can start to take responsibility for the energy you bring to the room. And you can start to help raise the vibration for all of us.

Let us know in the comments what your a-has were reading this post.

If you’d like to join the community for regular content like this, please join Empaths with Big Dreams: Moving Towards a More Sensitive & Compassionate World.



P.S. A special thank you to Colette van Haaren for making this blog out of different facebook posts from the group Empaths with Big Dreams.


How to let what triggers you grow you

Life is the best personal growth school. Relationships are like a masterclass!
This week we’re exploring the mirrors that are other people.
People can trigger the S#!t out of us and that’s why they’re amazing portals for us to do our inner work.
  1. Don’t take it personally.
    How people do one thing is how they do ALL things. It’s not specific to you.
  2. Acknowledge you’re triggered.
    That might mean you’re reacting really strongly to something that seems really small.
    For example: When my mom would come into my room and ask: “would you like some tea” and I would yell at the top of my lungs “NOOOOOO GET OUUUUUUUT” #teenagersarenuts. I wasn’t reacting to the tea, I was reacting to my perception of her coming into my space.
  3. Leave the other person out of it for now & go within. Do your inner work.
    A few favorites: What am I ACTUALLY reacting to? What am I needing that I’m not getting? What is this really about for me? Am I judging something in them that I don’t allow in me?
  4. Integrate the wisdom you’ve received from your inquiries.
    Give yourself what you need, forgive yourself for the judgments, etc.
  5. Find some gratitude for the person who was a portal into these gifts.
  6. If needed, return to the situation an expanded version of yourself that can handle the trigger.
On a lighter note:
The qualities in others and our admiration are also triggers for us to look at those qualities in US! Because they exist!
Tell us: What’s a quality you admire in others?!
P.S. If you loved this, you’ll love hanging out with us at Empaths with Big Dreams, where I try to teach something useful every day.

For More:

I believe in “I don’t know”

I believe in the dark places. I believe in the NOT knowing. I believe in questions being infinitely more powerful than answers.
I believe that when we become more comfortable in the dark, that’s when our souls become more expressed, our gifts more embodied & our lives more bright.
I believe that when we bring light to the dark caves of our subconscious we turn monsters into friends, shadows into gifts & fear into love.

That’s why my sole (soul) aim is to help you become comfortable in the dark.
I sit with you there. I offer my presence. I offer my understanding of how the world of the dark works. I offer my toolkit.
That’s it. I teach you to sit in the dark and love yourself there so the light and the love can grow.

I’d love to know:

What’s one thing that felt really shadowy for you that is one of your greatest gifts?!




How to hold space: 5 tips.

Holding spaceHolding space is one of the core elements of everything I do and teach. As an energy healer, this may be the single most effective and important tool in supporting someone to heal.
In this blog, you will find:

  • What holding space is
  • What’s happening energetically when we hold space
  • 5 tips to get better at holding space.


To hold space = To be there with someone.

Fully there. Present. In your own body, in your own space. In your own feelings. In your own grounding. In your own boundaries.
Lending your presence to the other. Lending your ears. Lending your eyes. Lending your feels. Present. WITH them.
In no way against them. In no way judging. In no way changing them.
Just. Being. With.

No matter how lost, scared, angry or self-hating they are.
Just there. With them.

Holding space is incredibly powerful and simple. Not necessarily easy.

Actually, it can get quite difficult. Our egos want to jump in and “save”, “fix” or “change”. They want to be the hero and say something “brilliant” and give advice. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. Advice and perspectives can come in very handy.

The more profound truth is, however, that our bodies, minds & souls know exactly what they need to heal themselves.

In fact, all they need is a little space, time and permission to access that wisdom. Space, time & permission is what we offer when we holding space. When those ingredients are there magic can happen, the truth can be revealed, love can be remembered and healing can happen.

On the energy level, what’s happening?

Here’s how I see it:

You have your space around you right? Your energy bubble? This is your personal space. It’s where you can process.
When it’s small and contracted, it’s hard to process any information there because there’s not enough space! Things feel overwhelming and painful. They can feel dramatic and big and impossible.

When someone holds space for you, they lend their space to you a little. They sit with your stuff WITH YOU. That way, you can process from a bigger place. The energy in your space has more room to maneuver, to heal, to rearrange in wholeness.

Is that clear to you?
Can you picture that happening as you hold space for someone?

Now that you have a bigger picture of what holding space is, what you’re really offering, here are

My top 5 tips to hold space:

1. Stay grounded.

Feel your bum on the chair, feel your feet on the floor. STAY PRESENT. Actually, the more you are anchored in your experience, the more the other person can become anchored in theirs.

2. Minimize your reactions to what the person’s saying.

The more you embark in their story, the more you become a participant and a creator in it. Because people often want to feel connected and loved, they will often change their story based on your reactions. As a result, you might amplify the story that’s causing suffering.

On the other hand, the more impassive you stay, the more the person can dive deeper into their OWN experience, rather than trying to gain approval from you.

3. Be KIND and patient.

The person’s trying to figure stuff out. It might not make any sense just now. Stay patient with that. And kind… that’s the ultimate healer.

4. Release the need for some kind of “outcome”.

Holding space isn’t about going somewhere specific. It’s just being where we are. In this moment.

5. See the person as fully able to help themselves.

Because they are. They don’t need you or anyone else. The answers are inside them. They just need the right space & time to figure it out.

Tell me in the comments –

what have you struggled with in the past when it comes to holding space? Does it come naturally to you? What was surprising to you?

and what will you INTEGRATE in your life from here on out? ;).

Enjoyed this topic?

If this skill is of interest to you, you might quite enjoy learning to give Reiki. Check out the courses here.