I will not be available for in-person sessions until March 3rd. If you are okay to wait until then for your session, I’m delighted and will happily get back to you with my availabilities. The best way to get in touch with me at the moment is through e-mail at Otherwise, I am happy […]

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Heal your money vibration

Manifesting anything comes down to three simple steps: 1. Ask: Get clear on what you want & ask for it. 2. Become: Become the person who is a vibrational match to what you’re asking for. 3. Receive: Receive what you were asking for. It’s that simple. We’re always shifting & becoming. It’s empowering to create […]

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Money Manifestation Month: November 2018

Hey my dear money manifestor, I’d love to do an experiment with you. Here we go: Take a deep breath. Turn your attention inward. Now, say the word “money” to yourself. Take your time. Say it again, and again…and one more time… …money …money . …money… What happens in your body? in your emotional field? […]

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There is a place…

There is a place… … a place beyond “I, me, my, mine”…  a place where we don’t need to guard our “selves” so fiercely, because there is no “self” to guard.  a place where we don’t need to take on someone’s suffering to walk with them on their path.  a place where the need to […]

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Dragons for International Women’s Day

Some journaling I did following a potent session with my soul sister Lauren Venable. I met this part of me (for the umptieth time) that feels like a dragon. She named herself Shiba. In our session, she kept asking me to trust her and I didn’t want to. There was a lot of fear. A […]

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Everything is energy

Everything is Energy

“Everything is Energy” .  Have you heard that before… what does it mean? It means that everything we touch, smell, taste, see, and hear is vibration. It’s dancing particles, containing worlds of information. Each dance is unique, telling the story of a gust of wind, of a pollinating bee, of thousands of generations of flowers […]

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