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To me, inspiration is the stuff of life. First, it makes you feel wonder, then it gets you curious, then you move.
When we act out of inspiration, we always move towards our highest potential.

When things suck

What I do when things suck.

A while back a delightful person asked me: “Inge, what do YOU do when things just suck?” Here was my response. “The honest truth? I don’t do anything. Sometimes a day sucks and my mind sucks and it all sucks and that’s all there is to it. Sometimes that’s just the vibe I need to be […]

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Reiki Montreal Goals Fail

3 Goal-Setting Mistakes That Keep You From Shining

Ever wonder why people give up on their goals by January 21st? The 3 mistakes you’re making that are setting you up for failure: Book your FREE 30-minute conversation to uncover this. Book Now # 1: You’re setting goals that aren’t in alignment with who you are and what you really want. Should goals. URGH. Please. Stop doing this […]

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Meditation: 5 Reasons You Don’t Even If You Know You Should.

Believe you really SHOULD meditate? This is for you if you’ve been reading and learning about meditation and now you’re convinced that you really SHOULD start meditating. You’ve discovered a ton of good things about mindfulness meditation. The benefits are endless. Mindfulness meditation can: Lower your blood pressure Boost your immune system Reduce anxiety Reduce the […]

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Affirmations Flowering

Are Your Affirmations Working Against You? 3 Pro Tips For When It Feels Like A Lie

 First: The Affirmation Basics: Affirmations are positive statements. They are usually statements that we really, deeply want to be true about ourselves and our lives. They are really powerful in that: [bctt tweet=”The law of attraction states that whatever you think, whatever you believe, whatever you VIBRATE, you become & shows up in your life. […]

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Wisdom Book

Quotes to INSPIRE you and MOVE you

Quotes to INSPIRE you and MOVE you “Sometimes when we’re stuck, all we need is a few kind words. Here are some of my favorite quotes that help me get moving when I’m feeling oh-so-stuck. Hope it can help you too <3” From Quotes to INSPIRE and MOVE you, posted by Inge’s Reiki Montreal on […]

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Reiki Montreal - Spiritual Nature Prescriptions

Prescriptions of a Spiritual Nature

Prescriptions of a Spiritual Nature We’re used to following prescriptions when we’re sick. What about when we’re stuck? When we’re in a crisis, spiritual or otherwise? Here is some very sound advice to apply. Side effects: A life that is more present and more fulfilling. Enjoy… and Apply 😉 Much love, Inge From Prescriptions of […]

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